Handmade With Love

Little Thing believes that the right of producers to prosper from their talents and efforts is no little thing, and we act accordingly. We are proud to support these families economically, and ensure they are paid a fair price for their goods.

We buy from Oaxacan families like Elena and Constantino's. Three generations of their family live together under one roof, near the covered outdoor studio that houses mounds of cotton weave, dyes, needles and the telars (weaving machines).

Married 35 years, Elena and Constantino now spend more time talking to customers, traveling to Tlacalula's bustling markets to sell their wares, or just minding the grandkids. Their four children now handle production, design and management, each of them specialising in different areas.

A visit to their house is always a joy, with smiles and hot chocolate, and elder daughter Lucy (pictured here) showing off their newest designs.